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New show presented by Wolff Gallery, hosted by Portland Cider House. Featuring work by Zemie Barr and myself. (Image by Jason Horvath)
A Pre-Valentine’s Day Art Show at Portland Cider House!
Exploring different experiences and emotions that can happen on Valentine’s Day, whether they be sweet, funny, or disappointing.

Reception: Saturday February 13th, 6-10 pm
Show Run: Feb 13th – Feb 27th

Event is Free
21 and over

Featuring work by:
Audra Osborne, Jamila Clarke, Jason Horvath, Jenny Olsen, Jo Lunberg, Karen Schmid, Leslie Dorcus, Mary Harding, Shannon Rowland, Thomas Mack, Zemie Barr
Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1691560851102374/

Experimenting with the panorama feature on my phone.

Some of my favorite images that I've taken of light designs.

Welcome to my new website! I am enjoying living in Portland, Oregon with my wonderful husband. We really love the rain here, and we do get a lot of sunshine too! This blog will have updates about upcoming exhibitions as well as curatorial projects I'm working on. I also have a photo blog, my tumblr which I use as a visual diary, which is updated more frequently.