Jennifer Rabin // Artist & Writer
Jan 2018

Jennifer Rabin is a writer, an artist, an arts writer, and an arts activist. Her visual art has been shown in Oregon and South Carolina, and she was the 2017 artist-in-residence at the Oregon Historical Society. Her writing, which has received support from the Regional Arts and Culture Council, has appeared in places like The Sun, Harvard Review, Visual Art Source, Hyperallergic, Drain Magazine, Oregon Humanities, Bitch, and The Rumpus. In her capacity as a visual arts writer, she champions underrepresented voices, challenges the mystique of the white-box art world, and makes a case for why the arts are essential to all of our lives. She was the visual arts writer for Willamette Week from 2015-2017 and is a contributing writer to Oregon ArtsWatch. She is the founder of Art Passport PDX, a free city-wide art program to get Portlanders more engaged in the visual arts by making the art world less intimidating and more accessible.

Alyson Provax // Printmaker
Feb 2017

Alyson Provax is an artist living in Portland, Oregon. She is interested in mundane experiences of boredom and anxiety, the transcendent feeling of considering the size of the universe, and the sensual tactile. Her work is based in printmaking, but often expands into animation and collage. She works experimentally, and often makes one-of-a-kind prints, using the matrix to create repetition within the same piece. Alyson is a graduate of Pacific Northwest College of Art and was the recipient of the school’s Liberal Arts Award.